Essential Grammar in Use

English Grammar in Use Word Order

Word Order

A verb + object : fiil + nesne

Sueboughtsome new shoesyesterday.

The verb (bought) and the object (some new shoes) are usually together. Fiil (bought) ve nesne (some new shoes) genelde birliktedir.
◌ Sue bought some new shoes yesterday. (not Sue bought yesterday some new shoes)

He speaksEnglish very well. (not He speaks very well English)
I likeItalian food very much. (not I like very much …)
Did you watchTV all evening? (n o t … watch all evening TV)
Paul often wearsa black hat. (not Paul wears often …)
We inviteda lot of people to the party.
I openedthe door slowly.
Why do you always makethe same mistake?
I’m going to borrowsome money from a friend.

B where and when : nerede ve ne zaman

We wentto a partylast night.

Place (where?) is usually before time (when?). We say:
◌ We went to a party last night. (not We went last night to a party)