A2 seviyesi ingilizce hikayeler

A2 Seviyesi Ingilizce Hikayeler


cruel lion lived in the forest. Every day, he killed and ate a lot of animals. The other animals were afraid the lion would kill them all.

The animals told the lion, “Let’s make a deal. If you promise to eat only one animal each day, then one of us will come to you every day. Then you don’t have to hunt and kill us.”

The plan sounded well thought-out to the lion, so he agreed, but he also said, “If you don’t come every day, I promise to kill all of you the next day!”

Each day after that, one animal went to the lion so that the lion could eat it. Then, all the other animals were safe.

Finally, it was the rabbit’s turn to go to the lion. The rabbit went very slowly that day, so the lion was angry when the rabbit finally arrived.

The lion angrily asked the rabbit, “Why are you late?”

“I was hiding from another lion in the forest. That lion said he was the king, so I was afraid.”

The lion told the rabbit, “I am the only king here! Take me to that other lion, and I will kill him.”

The rabbit replied, “I will be happy to show you where he lives.”

The rabbit led the lion to an old well in the middle of the forest. The well was very deep with water at the bottom. The rabbit told the lion, “Look in there. The lion lives at the bottom.”

When the lion looked in the well, he could see his own face in-the water. He thought that was the other lion. Without waiting another moment, the lion jumped into the well to attack the other lion. He never came out.

All of the other animal in the forest were very pleased with the rabbit’s clever trick.

finaladjen sonunda
promisevsöz vermek


Mia’s father had a laboratory, but she had no idea what was in it. Her dad always closed and locked the door when he went in. She knew that he used it to do projects for work. He never told Mia what these projects were.

1 One night, Mia approached the door to the laboratory. She stopped and thought, “I wonder what crazy experiment he is doing now.” Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. It sounded like an evil laugh. The noise scared her, so she walked quickly back to her room.

The next night, her friend Liz came to her house. When Liz arrived, Mia told her about the night before. “Oh, it was terrible,” she said.

“Why don’t we see what is in there?” Liz asked. “It will be a fun adventure!” Mia felt nervous about going into her father’s laboratory, but she agreed. As always, the door was locked. They waited until Mia’s father left the laboratory to eat dinner. “He didn’t lock the door!” Liz said. “Let’s go.”

The laboratory was dark. The girls walked down the stairs carefully. Mia smelled strange chemicals. What terrible thing was her father creating?

Suddenly, they heard an evil laugh. It was even worse than the one Mia heard the night before. What if a monster was going to kill them? Mia had to do something. She shouted for help.

Mia’s father ran into the room and turned on the lights. “Oh, no,” he said. “You must have learned my secret.” “Your monster tried to kill us,” Mia said.

“Monster?” he asked. “You mean this?” He had a pretty doll in his hands. The doll laughed. The laugh didn’t sound so evil anymore. “I made this for your birthday. I wanted to give it to you then, but you can have it now. I hope you like it !”

worseadjdaha kötü

Lee sat among the books at the library and thought about his group project.

They had to turn it in soon, but he hadn’t even started his part! Jack and Claire were in his group. They had worked hard. They were also very smart, and Lee didn’t want them to get a bad grade.

Jack did the report. He wrote a lot of very good sentences and described things with great adjectives. Claire drew a nice map of the stars. Now, Lee needed to do his part of the project.

“Well, I suppose I need to start my model,” Lee thought.

Making a model of a planet was really hard. Lee tried to read several books, but he couldn’t comprehend any of the charts. “We’re going to fail because of me!” Lee said. He put his head down on the table and said, “I wish I could see a planet, instead of having to read about it!”

Suddenly, there was a bright light. Lee was pulled from his chair, through the roof, and right into a strange ship! “Hello, kid,” said an alien. “Did you ask for help?”

Lee told the friendly alien all about his project. The alien agreed to help Lee solve his problem. “First, we’ll fly through space to view the universe. Then, I can help you make a model of my planet.”

Soon, they were going through the clouds. They passed the moon. Then they viewed Mars. Lee was very excited. Instead of a bad grade, his group would have the best project ever!

“It’s time to go home,” the alien finally said. On the way back, he helped Lee make a model of the planet Mars. Soon, they were on Earth.

“Thanks,” Lee said. “My model will be awesome!” Then he took his model and said goodbye to his new friend.

comprehendvidrak etmek
describevtasvir etmek
everadvşimdiye kadar
failvbaşarısız olmak
friendlyadjarkadaş canlısı
gradenderece, not, puan
suddenlyadvaniden, birdenbire
supposevsanmak, varsaymak

John’s dog was a bad dog. He bit people frequently. John had great concern about this. It was not an appropriate way for a dog to behave. His friends in the village always expected the dog to bite them. The news about John’s dog spread through the village. None of the people wanted to go to John’s house. John tried to instruct the dog to behave, but it never worked. He tried to be patient and teach the dog to be calm. That also didn’t work. John didn’t want to punish the dog. “How will I stop my dog’s bad habit?” John asked himself.

John’s friend came to talk to him about the issue. During their important meeting, his friend said, “The people in the village asked me to represent them. We want your dog to stop this habit. Why don’t you put a bell around the dog’s neck? This way, we would hear your dog coming down the street.”

John thought this was a great idea. Now, people could stay away from the dog. It would not be able to bite anyone anymore.

The dog liked the bell, too. People looked at him when they heard his bell. This made the dog very content. He liked the song the bell played when he walked.

One day, John’s dog strolled through the village and met some other dogs. He expected them to want a bell like his. But they laughed at his bell. They said the bell made people avoid him. John’s dog shook his head. “No, they look at me because they like the bell.”

The other dogs said, “You have the wrong idea of what makes you popular. Of course they like your bell. It tells them where you are so they can avoid you. You aren’t able to bite them anymore!”

You see, being popular isn’t something positive when it’s for the wrong reason.

expectvummak, beklemek
frequentlyadvsık sık
instructveğitmek, öğretmek
issuenkonu, mevzu
noneprepyok, hiç
positiveadjolumlu, pozitif
representvtemsil etmek
spreadvyaymak, sürmek

A jackal is a wild dog with a big black back. It resides in the desert. But how did the jackal get his black back? This was how it happened.

One day, the jackal saw a girl. She was sitting upon a rock. She was not a normal child. She was a rare and beautiful sun child. She was bright and warm like the sun. The child saw the jackal and smiled.

She said, “Jackal, I have been relaxing on this rock for too long. I must get home soon. But, I am slow and you are fast. You will likely get me home more quickly.” Then she requested, “Will you carry me home? If you do, I’ll give you a gift. This necklace belongs to me, but I will give it to you.”

The wild jackal agreed. So the sun child sat on the dog’s back. They started to walk. But soon, the jackal felt ill. The sun child was very hot on his back. The heat was hurting his back very badly. “I made a terrible error in judgment.” he thought. He shouldn’t have agreed to carry her. So he asked her to get off.

But she did not. The jackal’s back continued to get hotter and hotter. He had to get away from the sun child. So he made a plan. First, he ran as fast as he could. He hoped the sun child would fall off. But she did not. So when the sun child was looking at the sky, not aware of the jackal’s next plan, he jumped into a field of flowers. As a result, the child rolled off his back. The jackal ran away.

But the sun child left a mark on the jackal’s back, a visible black mark. Ever since his experience with the sun child, the jackal has had a black back.

badlyadvkötü bir şekilde
belongvait olmak
continuevdevam et(tir)mek
hurtvincitmek, yaralamak
judgmentnyargı, karar, düşünce
likelyadvolasılıkla, muhtemelen
residevikamet etmek, yaşamak
sinceprep-den beri
visibleadjgözle görülebilir, görünür

A nice woman lived by a large river. She loved children. She wanted to help them in any way. She loved her community, and everyone in the community loved her. She lived a very long time and became very wise.

When she died, she became a ghost. She was dead, but every night she returned to her community. She wanted to help children and not to cause them fright. But she had a scary voice. Children were afraid of her, but the ghost was a good one. She only scared them to help them.

One night, some children and a dog were playing by the river. They were having fun with their pet. But they were far from home. Then the weather became bad. It rained and rained. The river was rising. It was very dark. The children knew they were lost. They needed to go north, but they didn’t know which direction it was. When the moon came out, they saw a ghost by the river. The ghost said, “Go away!”

The children felt great fright. They knew it was a ghost. Then the ghost moved closer. She yelled again, “Go away!” The children became very upset. Some of them began to cry. The children knew they had a choice: they could escape, or they could stay and face this scary individual in the dark.

The children ran a long distance away. The ghost followed them all the way. Finally, the children reached home. The ghost was very happy. Soon the river rose higher and higher. It was very dangerous. The ghost had helped the children survive! She had saved them from the rising water. She also used her power to lead them home. Sometimes, meeting a ghost has advantages. A ghost can save your life!

badlyadvkötü bir şekilde
belongvait olmak
continuevdevam et(tir)mek
hurtvincitmek, yaralamak
judgmentnyargı, karar, düşünce
likelyadvolasılıkla, muhtemelen
residevikamet etmek, yaşamak
sinceprep-den beri
visibleadjgözle görülebilir, görünür

King Minos was very sick. His condition was getting worse. He had three sons. He loved them all. He had to announce who would become king.

Two of the princes stood waiting outside the king’s room. Theseus was the oldest and strongest. He thought his father would make him king. Pelias, the second son, thought differently. He was an expert with weapons. He thought the king would choose him.

“When I’m king,” Theseus told Pelias, “I’ll let you contribute to the defense of our country. You can lead the army.”

Pelias became angry. “Father knows I’m famous for my sword skills. He’ll make me king.”

“You?” Theseus yelled. “He won’t choose you!”

“The kingdom is mine!” Pelias claimed. “Father will give it to me—or I’ll use force to take it!”

Theseus made a sudden move to take out his sword. Then Pelias did the same.

“Beating me will be a challenge,” Theseus said. “Fight me now. The winner gets the kingdom!”

Pelias agreed.

King Minos could hear his sons fighting. The youngest son, Jason, stood beside him. He sensed his father’s sadness. The king laid his hand flat on Jason’s arm.

“Your brothers fight too much,” the king told him. “I must protect my kingdom from all harm. They’ll divide it between them. The people won’t know what to do. There’ll be war. I can’t allow either of them to be king. Therefore, I’m making you king. Your kindness has always made you special. It’s the difference between you and your brothers. You can bring peace. They can’t.”

Then the king died. Theseus and Pelias heard that their youngest brother was king. They were surprised. They realized that their fighting was wrong. It had kept them from saying goodbye to their father. They agreed to have Jason as their king. He was the best choice.

allowvizin vermek
challengenmeydan okuma
claimviddia etmek
contributevkatkıda bulunmak
famousadjünlü, tanınmış
forcengüç, kuvvet
layvkoymak, sermek
suddenadjani, ansızın
thereforeadvbu nedenle

Do you ever wonder where the moon and the sun came from? The Inuit people of Alaska have a theory.

They tell a story about a beautiful girl. She was very nice. In contrast, her brother was a mean little boy. One day he proposed something. “We should go to a party,” he said. The girl accepted. First, it was necessary for her to prepare. She arranged her hair and put on nice clothes. This required a lot of time. But the girl worked hard, and soon she had success. She looked perfect.

They attended the party together. The girl was having fun. Later, she walked into the bathroom. Suddenly, the lights were turned off! Someone grabbed her hair and tore her clothes. She ran out of the bathroom. She wanted to know who did this to her.

Then she had an idea. She fixed her hair again. This time it was even more beautiful. She even balanced beautiful jewels in it. She wanted to encourage the person to grab it again. She put black dirt in her hair. The purpose of this was to catch the person.

She went to the bathroom again, and it was the same pattern. The lights went off, and someone grabbed her hair. When he released it, his hand was black. The girl returned to the party. She knew there was only a single person with a black hand. When she saw that person, he was very familiar. It was her brother!

He ran into the woods. The girl ran after him. They both carried fire so they could see in the dark. The smoke went into the air. As they ran, they grew. They became huge. Then they went into space. When the girl’s fire went out, she hung in the sky. She became the moon, and her brother became the sun. They chase each other forever.

acceptvkabul etmek
attendvkatılmak, devam etmek
balancevdengede tutmak
contrastnkontrast, zıtlık
encouragevcesaret vermek, teşvik etmek
familiaradjtanıdık, aşina
patternnbiçim, şekil, tarz
proposevteklif etmek, önermek
releasevserbest bırakmak, salıvermek
singleadjtek, bir

Last summer I took a trip to an island. I had a lot of fun. I sat and watched the waves and listened to the ocean. I learned to identify birds. I discovered pretty things and enjoyed the taste of new foods. It was a very nice time.

One evening I took a pleasant walk by the ocean. When the waves came in, many starfish* fell on the beach. Some starfish went back into the water, and they were safe. But other starfish were still on the sand. They would die if they did not get into the water. There were many starfish on the beach that night. It made me sad, but I knew I could not fix the problem. I stepped very carefully so I did not damage them.

Then I saw a little girl. She was also sad about the starfish. She wanted to prevent all of them from dying. She asked me if I could perhaps help her.

“To be frank, I don’t think we can do anything,” I said.

The little girl started to cry. She sat back against a rock and thought for a while. Finally, the emotion was gone. She stopped crying and stood up. Then she picked up a starfish and threw it into the water.

“What are you doing?” I asked her. But she did not answer me. She just threw as many starfish as she could. “You cannot save all of them!” I said.

She stopped to look at me. “No, I cannot save them all,” she replied. Then she picked up a very big starfish and said, “But I can save this one.” And then she smiled and threw the starfish as far as she could into the ocean.

*starfish – an animal shaped like a star that lives in the water

againstprepkarşı olma, dayanan
fixvdüzeltmek, onarmak
frankadjsamimi, dürüst
pleasantadjhoş, çekici
stepvadım atmak
tastentat, lezzet
throwvatmak, fırlatmak

Argos lived in Ancient Greece. He was a husband and a proud father. He worked hard and did well at his job. But one thing about him wasn’t normal. He was born with 100 eyes. Having many eyes was usually a benefit to him. He had a chance to see many things.

Also, since he had so many eyes, he was very good at guarding things. While sleeping, he only rested a few eyes at a time. The others stayed awake. He worked for Hera, a great goddess. His primary function was to guard a special cow. The cow was very important to Hera. It was her favorite pet. The most essential part of his job was to keep the cow alone. It had to be kept separate from all the other cows and far away from people.

This was an easy job for Argos. The cow just ate grass all day. But the god Zeus wanted the cow. He wanted to take it away from Hera. He had a plan. He found a great music player. He asked the man to play a beautiful song for Argos. Zeus was certain Argos would go to sleep.

The song had an immediate effect. Argos couldn’t focus on his job. He fell asleep. Zeus saw this, and he took the cow.

Hera was very angry with Argos. She turned him into a peacock. She put his many eyes on his tail. Argos was very sad.

Zeus saw how much trouble he had caused Argos. He made another plan. He turned Argos into a group of stars. He wanted Argos to remain in the sky forever. Even today, Argos’ image remains there, above the site where all his problems began. We can still see him in the night sky.

benefitnfayda, yarar
certainadjkesin, emin
essentialadjtemel, önemli
faradjuzak, uzakta
focusvodaklanmak, bir şeye yoğunlaşmak
functionnişlev, fonksiyon
imagenimaj, resim
immediateadjacil, hemen
primaryadjana, birincil, başlıca
restvdinlenmek, istirahat etmek
sitenyer, mevkî, mahal
troublensorun, bela

There was once a beautiful princess named Rose. Her mother, the queen, however, was not as beautiful as the princess. The queen felt bad that she was not the most beautiful woman in the kingdom anymore. She was tired of competing with her daughter. She made a decision. She prepared a drink for the princess. After the princess drank it, she fell asleep. Then the queen took the princess to the forest. She left the princess there. It was a very serious thing to do. “Either she will be killed by animals or she will get lost in the forest,” the queen thought.

The princess had a dream. She dreamed about a man with brown hair and brown eyes. It was the man she would wed.

The princess woke up. She saw a strange creature on the ground. It looked like a man, but he was hairy and green. He had horns on his head and a pig’s nose.

The creature said, “Did I scare you? I hope not. Let me introduce myself. I am Henry.”

“I am not scared. To tell you the truth, I think you are cute,” said Rose.

Rose and Henry spent the day together. They collected berries, caught fish, and had lunch. They had a very good day filled with nice conversations.

“Rose, I have to go home,” said Henry. “My ship will sail home soon. I can’t leave you here in the forest alone. Will you come with me?”

Rose was very happy. She gave Henry a kiss right on his pig nose. As soon as she kissed Henry, he began to change. His pig nose turned into a man’s nose. His horns and green hair went away. Standing in front of her was the man Rose had dreamt about.

Rose and Henry were married, and they lived happily.

anymoreadvartık, bundan sonra
asleepadjuyuyan, uykulu
berryn(çilek gibi) küçük ve yumuşak meyve
collectvtoplamak, bir araya getirmek
competevyarışmak, rekabet etmek
conversationnkonuşma, sohbet
creaturenyaratık, varlık
eitherconjya, ya da
sailvyelkenli ile gitmek, yelken açmak
spendvpara harcamak, zaman harcamak
strangeadjyabancı, tuhaf, garip
truthndoğru, gerçek

Frenhofer was the best artist in the world. Everyone loved him. The quality of his paintings was very high. He always used the best materials. He made a big profit from his paintings. He had delicious meals with his rich neighbors. He taught art classes. Life was good.

Then his attitude changed. He stopped selling paintings and teaching. He tried a new method of painting. He stayed alone in his apartment all day. He worked all day and all night, rarely eating. Soon Frenhofer became very thin. But he kept working on the same painting for many years. He worked as hard as he could.

Finally, he finished the painting. He was very happy and invited other artists to see it. “I want your professional opinion,” he said. He wanted them to judge it and compare it to other paintings. Everyone was very excited as they went up the stairs to his apartment. Frenhofer was excited to show his painting, and the artists were excited to see it. “They’ll love it,” he thought. But they did not.

They were surprised by his painting. There was no white anywhere. Frenhofer filled the whole painting with lines and colors. There was no space for a normal picture. It was full of strange shapes. It looked bad to the other artists. He used symbols, and they didn’t understand them. They thought it was terrible. “Why did you paint this strange picture?” someone asked. They didn’t understand its beauty.

But after some time, many people began to like his painting. People wrote articles about it in magazines. They said it was his best work. They loved his strange symbols. They loved his strange colors. Frenhofer’s painting reminded everyone that just because something was new didn’t mean that it was bad. He also helped them to realize that sometimes it takes people a little time to understand great things.

aloneadjyalnız, tek başına
artistnressam, sanatçı, artist
attitudentutum, tavır
judgevyargıya varmak, karar vermek
materialnmalzeme, madde
mealnöğün, yemek
profitnkâr, kazanç
shapenşekil, biçim
spacenboşluk, uzay
thinadjince, zayıf